What's In It?

Inside of our DOMINO 32 Card Games set-up box ( 7"x6"x1", four-color printing, transparent cellophane wrappage), there are one Gold Deck [DOMINO 32], one Silver Deck [DOMINO 32] , a set of Play Money (80 pieces, 8 denominations) and a complete Games Description and Rules booklet. {also good for "Pai-Gow/Tien-Gow" and "Bagchen" games!}

How To Use It?

You can play our exciting solitaires and games using either the Gold Deck or the Silver Deck, or, using both the Gold Deck and Silver Deck mixed together. This item is for players age 5 through adults.
We have prepared nine games in our booklet:
  • Bigger/Smaller
  • Cosmo Turtle
  • Dragon Dances
  • Heaven # 9
  • Fair Lady
  • 21!
  • Pyramid
  • Concentration
  • Challenge
The Games Description and Rules booklet also provides some DOMINO 32 puzzles; for example, the hints to the puzzles on page 14 are 2, 4 or 6 for kissing dragons; 1, 3 or 5 for loving dragons.

*** Dragon Dances! view complete details at "twister".
It is quite difficult to complete a DOMINO 32 Dragon. All dominoes must be used up, in one continuous line. Concentrate on the competition, try to win the bets. Only when it is an absolute tie, you can have a complete Dragon.
You will notice a very interesting fact: your Dragon has a "head" and a "tail" for sure. It is alive! At one end there is a big head, at the other a split tail. (The head is ____, the tail is ____.)
Believe it or not! You may manipulate DOMINO 32 to see if you can ever make a whole Dragon without a head or a tail at its two ends. Isn't it a funny mystery? Traditional dominoes of 28 pieces can never do that! Why so? Well, ask a mathematician.
Now you can check what kind of Dragon you players as a group have made:

  • INDIGO DRAGON tornado: vertical head, vertical tail; head upward.
  • PURPLE DRAGON thunderbolt: vertical head, vertical tail; head downward.
  • GREEN DRAGON joy: horizontal head, horizontal tail.
  • ORANGE DRAGON wildfire: horizontal head, vertical tail; tail upward.
  • YELLOW DRAGON floweret: horizontal head, vertical tail; tial downward.
  • RED DRAGON hero: vertical head, horizontal tail; head upward.
  • BLUE DRAGON misfortune: vertical head, horizontal tail; head downward.


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