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SAMPLE LOCATION : Belmont Benton Library (MA) is a big stone-wall structure over 120 years in history. It used to be a boys church, Belmont made it a branch Town Library later. It was closed down once. A neighborhood group took over and made it a small private library organization. Again it was shut down. In 2011 it enjoyed a new birth. EVERGREEN-ENERGY then uses its Half-Moon room for practices ever since.

From HARVARD (MBTA red line subway station) take #73 bus (trackless trolley) to Oakley Country Club stop. Benton Library is located on Oakley Road.

(above) Benton's 120-year-young as of 2012; Half-Moon Room (shown with inside & outside views) is used for practices.

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OTHER ZODIAC SYSTEMS for comparison only

鼠 rodent
牛 ox
虎 tiger
Aries 白羊 03/21--04/19
Taurus 金牛 04/20--05/20
Gemini 雙子 05/21--06/20
兔 hare
龍 dragon
蛇 serpent
Cancer 巨蟹 06/21--07/22
Leo 獅子宮 07/23--08/22
Virgo 室女 08/23--09/22
馬 horse
羊 ram
猴 monkey
Libra 天秤 09/23--10/22
Scorpio 天蠍 10/23--11/21
Sagittarius 人馬 11/22--12/21
雞 rooster
狗 dog
豬 pig
Capicorn 魔羯 12/22--01/19
Aquarius 寶瓶 01/20--02/18
Pisces 雙魚 02/19--03/20

Evergreen-Energy is "A Complementary Energy Health Medicine" ( ACE HEALTH MEDICINE © copyright ).

Our practices are the ways of integralizing universal energy and individual inner energy; they are of integrative medicine with CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine).

Our goal is to achieve integrative energy health of our body, mind and spirit.

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