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This is a new trick for an old play.
Have you ever played a domino game?
Sure, everyone knows how it works.
How about something extra!
It's called 'TWISTER: Dragon Dances'.
[In Seven RAINBOW Colors !!!!!!!]
Ready? Go!

DOMINO NUMEROLOGY ||| Rich in Traditions and Innovations
Ancient Mystical Arithmancy ||| Game Numerology


Seven different results have been developed for this new game "TWISTER: Dragon Dances".
  • [RED DRAGON] hero: vertical head, horizontal tail; head upward.
  • [ORANGE DRAGON] wildfire: horizontal head, vertical tail; tail upward.
  • [YELLOW DRAGON] floweret: horizontal head, vertical tail; tail downward.
  • [GREEN DRAGON] joy: horizontal head, horizontal tail.
  • [BLUE DRAGON] misfortune: vertical head, horizontal tail; head downward.
  • [INDIGO DRAGON] tornado: vertical head, vertical tail; head upward.
  • [PURPLE DRAGON] thunderbolt: vertical head, vertical tail; head downward.

How To Play?

Similar to any traditional domino game "TWISTER: Dragon Dances" is for 2 to 4 players. Players take turns to place out their dominoes. (DOMINO 32)
Same old game strategy : to match domino ends; to try to block other players from matching domino ends; etc.
*The first domino placement {center, horizontal} is considered at the location of "sun".
*Whenever a horizontal line reaches a length of seven dominoes, change direction to vertical on either end. (One end always goes upward, the other downward.)
*Decide which vertical direction is "upward", which is "downward".
*Whenever a vertical line reaches a length of three dominoes, change direction to horizontal again.
*Of course the ever-bending domino-line is always a continuous line.

Head And Tail

It is quite difficult to complete a DOMINO 32 dragon. All dominoes must be used up. (see special "note" at page bottom)
Concentrate on the competition, try to win the game. Only when it is an absolute tie, you can have a complete Dragon.
You will notice a very interesting fact: your Dragon has a "head" and a "tail" for sure. It is alive! At one end there is a big head, at the other a split tail. (The head is _____, the tail is _____. Try it and find out the two numbers by yourself!)
Believe it or not! You may manipulate DOMINO 32 to see if you can ever make a whole Dragon without a head or a tail at its two ends.
Isn't it a funny mystery? Traditional domino play of 28 pieces can never do that!
Why so? Well, ask a mathematician.
Now you can check what kind of Dragon you players as a group have made.

TWISTER: Dragon Dances

Examine and check what kind of Dragon you have made. Remember, _____is the head, _____is the tail. There are seven possible forms of "TWISTER: Dragon Dances":
  • A. [RED DRAGON] Vertical Head, Horizontal Tail; Head Upward.
    An alert and daring one. The name of the dragon is "hero".
  • B. [ORANGE DRAGON] Horizontal Head, Vertical Tail; Tail Upward.
    This is a naughty dragon. You build a "wildfire".
  • C. [YELLOW DRAGON] Horizontal Head, Vertical Tail; Tail downward.
    What a dandy dragon. Is it a "floweret"?
  • D. [GREEN DRAGON] Horizontal Head, Horizontal Tail.
    A peaceful dragon, easy going and happy. We call it a "joy".
  • E. [BLUE DRAGON] Vertical Head, Horizontal Tail; Head Downward.
    Unfortunately the dragon is sick. It is a "misfortune".
  • F. [INDIGO DRAGON] Vertical Head, Vertical Tail; Head Upward.
    This is an evil dragon, a "tornado". Its tail hits the ground, causes great damages.
  • G. [PURPLE DRAGON] Vertical Head, Vertical Tail; Head Downward.
    Another evil dragon, a "thunderbolt". You have made an aggresive dragon.
So you know what kind of gang players you are. By observing the twister dance of the whole Dragon you have made together, you will find your gang is a tornado [INDIGO DRAGON], a thunderbolt [PURPLE DRAGON], a joy [GREEN DRAGON], a wildfire [ORANGE DRAGON], a floweret [YELLOW DRAGON], a hero [RED DRAGON] or a misfortune [BLUE DRAGON]!

ADVANCED TWISTER:: Double Dragon Dances

[Bonus/Extra] Two (2) sets of DOMINO 32 are used; a game of DOMINO 64 twister! Similar plays with 2 to 4 or more players. Whenever there's a complete game with all dominoes played out, you will notice both ends have same NUMBER; no head nor tail. It is because two dragons are in perfect harmony in a complete game. If the ends are 1, 3, or 5 it's called a pair of loving dragons; if 2, 4, or 6 it's called a pair of kissing dragons.

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Comments or Questions?
Email to domino32@tiac.net

"note" : When a player could not match either end during the game, he/she has to miss that turn by placing out any one domino from his/her hand, facing down on the table in front of him/herself, as a penalty domino. The next player then continues the game. At the end of game whoever places out all the dominoes wins; there could be multiple winners, a tie-game, or a complete game. Whoever has most penalty dominoes (missing most turns) is the biggest loser; if same penalty dominoes, the one with most total dots is the biggest loser. One cannot miss his/her turn and place out penalty domino facing down if he/she CAN match either end. Still, it's difficult to come up with a complete game when ALL dominoes are used up; no one misses his/her turn, no penalty domino, no winner, no loser.

Many Thanks To [ 7 RAINBOW-Color CHAKRAS : Evergreen-Energy ACE Health Medicine] For Sharing And Blessing This Online Space !