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USA {American & International} MAH-JONGG {Leagues & Associations} CLUBTM
" The Official Cyber USA MAHJONGG CLUB For The New Millennium "


You Are Here! ( USAMJC rooftop : Our Internet Gateway ) Come On Down!

USAMJC usa-magic is free for all Mahjong/Mahjongg fans, international or american play-style; Come, Visit, Join the CLUB! Make Friends, Play Games! USAMJC usa-magic is free!

Click on the HEALTHY HANDS to see free online USAMJC HEALTHY MAHJONG CARD...Chinese legend has it: while playing those hands you could almost feel the gentle breezes (SEASONAL WINDS) and sense the aromatic blossoms (SEASONAL FLOWERS)...free online for all USAMJC participants to download, copy, distribute and PLAY...


MAHJONGG NUMEROLOGY ||| Rich in Traditions and Innovations
Ancient Mystical Arithmancy ||| Game Numerology

Why are there FLOWERS? What kinds; why into sequence 1,2,3 & 4...How about WINDS sequence: East first, South second...Why ancient hands collect WINDS & DRAGONS and reward them with high values? Do you believe "123456789" in each suit looks like a DRAGON? Why group "three" Mahjong sequents into an ancient Set...And group identicals together...How to balance available hands so that all Mahjong are equally important in each game...The final answer is we respect and honor traditional Mahjong faces and designs; back to origins, just like in 1920s when Mahjongg became popular in the USA. No alterations, nor distortions; play with NATURAL forces and flows to promote HEALTH! Click the HEALTHY HANDS to find out...

Finding Your Way In The USAMJC ClubHouse

Special Notes ||| USA MAHJONGG CLUB Communication & Feedback Center ||| Special Notes
THANK YOU! We want to hear from you: anything you wish to inform us, anonymously!
Please input your valuable information to help us!
Comments: (including special instructions, feedbacks, anything you have in mind!)
Reports: (including violations, abuses, any defamation you know of... )

Thank you again for your kindness!
You can be anonymous; if you input phone number or email address we will contact you as you wish!
1.800.819.8460 ||| usamahjonggclub@verizon.net ||| contact us anytime!
敬請留言! 回饋意見指示、通報污衊盜用,不需具名;如附有回覆電話或電郵,必定立即答謝。
Special Notes ||| USA MAHJONGG CLUB Communication & Feedback Center ||| Special Notes


50-State Meeting Rooms, Conference Cafes & Salons : Actually there are 52 big rooms here: one room for each State (50), plus two (2) more rooms for DC (Washington DC) and PR (Puerto Rico).

Click on and enter your State or any State you like ! (for small State such as Maryland you can only click on 'MD') Every room is of multiple functions: Meeting, Conference, Chat & Discussions, too! Find your play-style and fellow players, form your group in the neighborhood, meet new friends online, discuss and chat with Mahjong/Mahjongg enthusiasts, experts, developers throughout the whole USA.


MAHJONGG: Original/Traditional English Term For The Antient Chinese Game When Introduced To The West; With Play-Styles Variations The Term Has Also Been Altered Into 'Mahjong' Later.

MAHJONG (one "G") is for American/Jewish(w/Jokers) Play-Styles. (152 to 160 Mahjong tiles required, with English Numerations & Jokers)
MAHJONGG (two "G"s) is for Traditional/Chinese/International Play-Styles. (136 to 144 Mahjongg tiles required, NO Jokers, w/ or w/o English Numerations)

Please input the following information if you are looking for fellow players/groups in your neighborhood areas, seeking Mahjong/Mahjongg equipments, joining USA MAHJONGG CLUB (free) or posting any of your messages and requests:

Email Address, City/State, Zip Code, Play-Style (Mahjong or traditional Mahjongg), Additional Comments (including special play-style in details, special interests, time-schedules, messages, requests....!) etc.

And Click Here to Send eM@IL to the CLUB!, Or
Click Here SECURE CLUB FORM!, to fill out secure USAMJC Form.

Guidelines for PENTHOUSE Manners & Behaviors : Click : And Send eM@IL To Join!
It's Free & Safe, We Verify EMAIL Address.
The USAMJC is a non-exclusive Club, all are welcome! For privacy and security considerations eMail address is the official communication vehicle. At least in the beginning eMail contacts are used for chat, discussion, local-player-finding and grouping. No personal information such as telephone, fax, name, street address, etc. is allowed inside this Cyber Club. The Club is not responsible for outside-of-Club members' activities.

We encourage players to try different forms of Mahjongg play-styles: Mahjong or Mahjongg, two major categories, each with many branches in the USA. After all the basic 136 tiles are always "the Core". Please keep an open mind, try something a little different and new. There is no need to follow a 'cult' or a rigid form. Remember, it's Cyber Age in a new millennium, let's enjoy the Internet SuperHighway Online-Surfing. The USA and the USAMJC are FREE!

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Mahjong/Mahjongg ShowCases & Discounters

American/Jewish(w/Jokers) PlayStyle

Please click & visit The Mahjong Shop Discount Center as listed.

Complete Sets (game-cases & brief-cases), Tiles, Books, Racks, Videos and Tables!
166 Complete-Tiles Sets (standard all-ivory & all-white tiles system); No short-tiles-sets (less than 166)!! Never Fall Short Again, Never!!

The Prettiest Antique Mahjong Set in American (circa 1920 San Francisco).

Traditional/Chinese/International PlayStyle

Please click & visit The Mahjongg Store Discount Center as listed.

Chinese Palace (antique) Precious-Wood Mahjongg Set

Three (3) Suits of Imperial Bureaucratic Promotional System:
Civil Services, Military Services & Labor Force.

By this time as a true Mahjong/Mahjongg fan, you should know how many 'steps' there were in each promotional suit.

Traditional Sets (Snap-On & Attache Cases), Bone-On-Bamboo Collectibles, PVC Cards, Books, Videos & Tables!

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MAHJONG/MAHJONGG Custom-Built & Custom-Made Centers.

What's New? Click Below To Enter!

All 166 Complete-Tiles Systems (complete sets and components); No short-tiles-sets, Never Fall Short (less than 166 Tiles) Again, Never!!!

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MAHJONG/MAHJONGG Cyber {Computer/Internet} Game Rooms.

What's New?

American/Jewish(w/Jokers) PlayStyle

(under construction)

So far there's no satisfactory online Jokers games. Some expensive CD games just abuse a few Chinese titles/words to disguise its simple plays; other expensive online games are cumbersome and inconvenient. It takes more young blood and brains to develop and compete so that one day we can have free and advanced online Jokers games as good as current online traditional games (see below).

Traditional/Chinese/International PlayStyle


How many Mahjongg (pair-matching) solitaires are possible? Theoretically 1.1394912 times 10 followed by 199 "zeroes"; or, 1.1394912 times googol times googol! ("googol" is 1 followed by 100 zeroes)


Free online Traditional/Chinese/International Mahjongg Solitaire: 144 tiles-matching; exotic tiles!

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MAHJONG/MAHJONGG LIBRARY : Rules, Regulations, Books, Videos


[UPPER LEFT] Following the stunning style of its founder Aerin (granddaughter of Estée), this Lauder Mahjongg set presents beautifully engraved cream melamine tiles in an elegant shagreen case with brass details and suede interior lining. US$1,250. circa 2020.
[UPPER CENTER] Tiffany & Co.'s first-ever Mahjongg set comes in a leather case of its signature blue and secured with a lock-and-key closure. The suede interior stores engraved tiles, scoring sticks and dice made from American walnut, sterling silver and leather. US$15,000. circa 2020.
[UPPER RIGHT] Ralph Lauren Home's custom-designed Joanna Mahjongg set features hand-painted leather tiles in cherry wood, wrapped in a cream leather case with brass detailing. US$2,700. circa 2020.

Rules & Regulations
For American/Jewish(w/Jokers) PlayStyles (152 to 160 tiles with Jokers) the basic rules can be found here:
Mahjong Mahjongg Everywhere [PART A].
Note: Due to the fact that many Jokers are used, American/Jewish (w/Jokers) PlayStyle does NOT have fixed "HANDS" for game scoring. As we should know the basic principles of any games are "Equality and Balance" for each player to be successful in making the games, and while working on "hands" each player might be blocking other players, without actually knowing it. USAMJC has dedicated great effort, based on ancient Chinese Legends and principles, together with our own innovative ideas, plus new online technologies, to come up a new system of fun and balanced HEALTHY Mahjong Hands. The collective wisdom of traditional and modern knowledge, in the US and overseas, shall progress Mahjong games forward into the new century, new millennium. Those new USAMJC HEALTHY HANDS with special universal legends and annual/seasonal flavors, are available now in USAMJC HEALTHY MAHJONG CARD current, as described in the ROOFTOP area. Take a look, compare, and most importantly, try it out, or just lay out the hands with real Mahjong tiles first, and fall in love with the USAMJC Healthy Hands. Simply click here for details, enjoy the discovery of new Mahjong mystery and fun!! You can also go to secure encrypted ORDER FORM to place order right now!
Again, USAMJC is NOT exclusive; and we welcome comments and feedbacks.

For Traditional/Chinese/InterNational PlayStyles (136 to 144 tiles) the standardized rules came out since 1999. for international tournaments:

Protocol : Mahjongg Sports Rules (Tournaments/Competitions)
Chapter One: General Rules : Section I : Purpose. Section II : Conducts Standards.
Chapter Two: Equipments & Arena : Section III : Mahjongg Tiles & Accessories. Section IV : Arena Facilities.
Chapter Three: Competition Rules : Section V : Terminology & Basic Rules. Section VI : Competition Process. Section VII : Games Movements. Section VIII : Completion Of Games. Section IX : Scores & Points. Section X : Results Computations. Section XI : Ranking Determination. Section XII : Absence
Chapter Four: Penalty : Section XIII : Penalty Methods. Section XIV : Violation Activities & Its Penalties.
Chapter Five: Appeal :: Section XV : Right To Appeal. Section XVI : Appeal Procedures & Judgement.
Chapter Six: Addendum : Section XVII : Interpretation Authority.
The complete standard rules and current variations can be found here:
Mahjong Mahjongg Everywhere [PART B].

The complete online/internet Mahjongg Encyclopedia (everything about Mahjongg) can be found here:
Mahjongg Encyclopedia, FREE!

Books & Videos
Published Mahjong/Mahjongg Books can provide valuable sources of various playstyles and their rules: solitaires, two-players, regular four-players, etc. (Great Gifts)
World renown Mahjong/Mahjongg Videos can provide unique entertainments to fans and all walks-of-life! (Nice Gifts)

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special HD feature presentation : 2014 How Do They Do It w/USAMJC participation!
click on "Tiles", wait for "Global" downloading

"Mahjong Cards & Mahjongg Hands"

[ISBN: 978-0-9830734-9-9] for eBOOKS

***** ***** *****


various book sizes & cover material

[2024 ISBN 9798883991140(KI8.25x6ML)] [2024 ISBN 9798861724616(KO8.25x6GL)] [2024 ISBN 9798862027532(KI5.5x8.5G)] [2024 ISBN 9798855623241(NI5.5x8.5G)]
[2023 ISBN 9798883993076(KI8.25x6ML)] [2023 ISBN 9798352500132(KI8.25x6GL)] [2023 ISBN 9798447999544(KI5.5x8.5G)] [2023 ISBN 9798765552919(NI5.5x8.5G)] [2023 ISBN 9798823111287(NI4x6G)]
[2022 ISBN 9798484464692(KI8.25x6GL)] [2022 ISBN 9798477120901(KI8.25x6GL)] [2022 ISBN 9798432366115(KI5.5x8.5G)] [2022 ISBN 9798484464692(KI5.5x8.5G)] [2022 ISBN 9781668553633(NI5.5x8.5G)] [2022 ISBN 9798765534854(NI4x6G)]
[2021 ISBN 9798680187777(KI8.25x6GL)] [2021 ISBN 9798680198766(KI8.25x6ML)] [2021 ISBN 9798679599963(KO5.5x8.5G)] [2021 ISBN 9798630598103(KO5.5x8.5M)] [2021 ISBN 9781663556677(NI5.5x8.5M)] [2021 ISBN 9781663556639(NI5.5x8.5G)]
[2020 ISBN 9798651288480(KI8.25x6GL)] [2020 ISBN 9798653669699(KI8.25x6ML)] [2020 ISBN 9781679626104(KI5.5x8.5G)] [2020 ISBN 9781679571701(KI5.5x8.5M)] [2020 ISBN 9781078757676(NI5.5x8.5M)] [2020 ISBN 9781078757683(NI5.5x8.5G)] [2020 hardcover 2370009434952(NI5.5x8.5G)]
[2019 ISBN 9781987057386(NI5.5x8.5M)] [2019 ISBN 9781987057379(NI5.5x8.5G)] [2019 ISBN 9781987057430(NI5x8M)] [2019 ISBN 9781987059953(NI5x8G)] [2019 ISBN 9781987056228(NO5x8G)] [2019 2370009412882(NO5x8G)] [2019 ISBN 9781987055443(NO5x8G)]
[2019 ISBN 9781091914502(KI5.5x8.5M)] [2019 ISBN 9781091816800(KI5.5x8.5G)] [2019 ISBN 9781091335509(KI5x8M)] [2019 ISBN 9781090520173(KI5x8G)]

USAMJC ''jungle" books subject to random discounts & free shipping online competitions

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Mahjong/Mahjongg Playing Cards, Jewelry Boxes & Classrooms

Please 'click' the following banner to view details of Mahjong Playing Cards (152, including 8 Jokers) & Mahjongg Playing Cards (144) systems, including accessories such as Card-Stands, Auto-Shufflers, Deck-Shoes! Extremely good for eye-sight challenged players and/or elderly fans; we serve all Mahjong/Mahjongg participants.

special-services-counter " REGULAR PLAYING CARDS: Bridge/Poker/All other games, stands, shufflers & shoes"

Please 'click' the following banner to view details of USA Mahjongg Club (USAMJC) Magic Gifts: Jewelry Boxes/Chests! including special free Mahjongg accessory!

special-services-counter " MAGIC GIFTS " USAMJC Mahjongg Jewelry !

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SUNFLOWERS : World-Wide-Web Games & Playthings : SUNFLOWERS

...cc...Each Petal Is A Beautiful Site !...sm...
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Quality Products with Low Prices; Something for Everyone.

Chess, Domino, Backgammon, etc..

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Communication Center & Elevator Entrance

Information Center
Do you know once Mahjongg was called in the West : Ancient Chinese DOMINO Games ?

USAMJC Management/Member : www.domino32.com
P.O. Box 79168 Waverley MA 02479-0168 USA

Mail Room

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Comments or Questions?
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While waiting for our services please take time and visit our beautiful outdoor TEA GARDEN (next to lobby area); enjoy the 24/7 USAMJC Tea Garden Party right around the Fountain Of Youth!

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WORLDMJC : World-Magic Conference Hall

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[UPPER LEFT] With acrylic resin game pieces wrapped in leather, Italian Prada's Mahjongg set comes in a black Saffiano leather case with a red interior and its iconic lettering emblazoned on the front. US$3,800. circa 2020.
[UPPER CENTER] English luxury game maker Geoffrey Parker has partnered with expert Chinese craftsman to create a unique Mahjongg set. Hand-carved from ox/buffalo bone and bamboo (same as USMJClub's own sets as shown in Mahjongg Store on Floor A and video on Floor D), the tiles are cased in an ostrich leather-bound trunk that comes with compartments for cigars, crystal glasses and decanter. US$35,800. Alternatively, there's a more portable case option. US$3,700 as shown. circa 2020.
[UPPER RIGHT] Displaying a warm palette of cream and brown, Brunello Cucinelli's Mahjongg set is made up of fine European walnut wood and marble-like synthetic stone. Delicately crafted in the hamlet of Solomeo, Italy, each tile is carved with LASER precision. The set also includes two handcrafted dice. US$7,500. circa 2020.


[LOWER LEFT] Presented in its iconic orange-brown palette, the Hermès' Helios Mahjongg set is housed in a box made from solid palisander wood, the printed tiles are crafted from soft calfskin leather. US$40,000. circa 2020.
[LOWER CENTER] Berluti's Mahjongg set features wooden pieces that are etched in the stylings of Chinese brush-and-stroke calligraphy, cased in a portable clutch made from its signature Venezsia leather. US$7,600. circa 2020.
[LOWER RIGHT] Perhaps the world's most luxurious and most opulent rendition of the game, each of the 144 unique tiles from S. T. Dupont's Mahjongg set is handcrafted from Tanzanian ruby, with detailed engravings hammered in gold vermeil. Adorned in Burmese rubies (1,000) and diamonds (300), the pieces are encased in a mahogany wood box with ebony veneer. (98 coins and 2 dice handmade) US$950,000. circa 2020.


LOUIS VUITTON 2020 The French luxury brand took on the Chinese classic game in 1950s; by 21st Century, more amazing FASHION/STYLE editions.

With only a few sets available across the globe, Louis Vuitton’s limited new edition Mahjongg set is again one for the history books. It features stunning jade playing pieces sheathed in a signature monogrammed leather trunk. US$82,000. circa 2020.

For LV high-class hand-making details please enter
World Mahjongg Club:

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