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Prairie State; "State sovereignty, nation union"; White Oak; "Illinois"


MAHJONG (one "G") is for American/Jewish(w/Jokers) Play-Styles. (152 to 160 Mahjong tiles required, with English Numerations & Jokers)
MAHJONGG (two "G"s) is for Traditional/Chinese/International Play-Styles. (136 to 144 Mahjongg tiles required, NO Jokers, w/ or w/o English Numerations)

American/Jewish(w/Jokers) Jong Players {Violets}

Special Notes (2023)
*** Special Mahjong Activities!! ***

Marylou Hi, I live in Springfield IL and am trying to find a Mahjong group for beginners or classes.
If you know of any such groups here, I would appreciate the contact information. Thank You. Sent from my iPad.

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Looking for classes in southern Illinois: I live in Pope county in southern Illinois and want to learn how to play Mahjong.
If you know of a contact for me I would greatly appreciate it. Sent from my iPad.

Special Notes (2021)
*** Special Mahjong Activities!! ***

Hi, I'm due for my second Pfizer vaccination next week and so I'll be looking for a live game to play with others who "hate this game that we love".
I've been playing for several years and would prefer playing during the day. I live in the Edgebrook section of Chicago.
Please feel free to contact me at the email address above.

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Special Notes: 2019 Looking for a game in Chicago 60618. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android.

PS. Try to get and use USA MAHJONGG CLUB (usa magic) annual ONLINE standard scorecards and hands to cover all playstyles and to be accepted by all Mahjong/Mahjogg tables across the USA! Learn to win![Mahjong 60657 Chicago I'm interested in learning mahjong and live in Lakeview. Are there any classes starting?]
2016[River Forest Illinois 60305 American style with jokers. We are 3 ladies in the Oak Park area who are looking for our 4th/5th players to complete our friendly American style Mahjong daytime game. Please contact Anita 708-657-4483.][I am interested in finding an harmonious group with whom to play American Mah Jongg. I have recently moved back to the Oak Park, IL area, where I grew up but have lived elsewhere for many years. I simply do not understand what to make of the online page that got me here. What am I to do - contact those who have left their emails? I think this page would be more helpful if it gave some instructions as to how to be successful in finding players to join up with. I am open to having anyone contact me by email or by phone 505-690-9672. I have a set and have played for 3 years with non-cutthroat kind of players and not for money although I am open to that. Thanks. Nancy][Chicago, IL 60618 northwest side of city American-style Mahjong I have my own set, Have been playing for 4 years. Was part of a weekly group in Southern California where we played for money (very small amounts!). Made it even more fun. Would love to find or create a conveniently located weekly group in Chicago area. Flexible schedule, weekday evening preferred.][New to game. Learned to play in florida. Looking for daytime location. Looking for group in st. Charles, Batavia, Geneva area.][I am interested in finding or forming a group to play Mahjong on the north side of chicago or nearby. I'd like to play during the day on a weekday, Monday or tuesday. I've been playing for over a year and have my own set.][I'm interested in lessons. I live in southwest Chicago suburb. Can you offer any suggestions?][I want to learn how to play and having a difficult time finding locations in downtown Chicago area to join][2 of us looking to find a group or lessons around orland park Illinois. Thanks][Chicago, Skokie 60076 weekday evenings & daytime weekends, will travel & fill-in][Skokie] |||[Arlington Heights; daytime][interested in finding a place/group in Elmhurst that would teach me how to play Mahjong] |||[Glen Ellyn 60137 American Mahjong beginnner][chicago 60610 would love to find a group/played for 4 years in atlanta]

Traditional/Chinese/International Players {Cardinals}[Chicago 60647 Would like to find a beginner group or take lessons in Chicago. Only have very basic knowledge. There are 2 of us][NW Chicago, new player] |||[Naperville 60563]
oatfield@theramp[Chicago] |||[Belleville Wright-Patterson style][Northbrook 60622] |||[Glenview][Naperville] |||[Macomb 61455][learning/lessons wanted St. Charles 60174][Oaklawn 60453][Evanston 60201] |||[Aurora, Wright-Patterson][Chicago] |||[Chicago 60609][Northbrook 60062] |||[Chicago][Rapids City] |||[Jacksonville 62650]


Special Notes (2015)
Dear Mah Jong Club,
Yes, I think your ABC Mah-Jong song is perfect! I hope it helps many people learn our wonderful game.
I've been playing since I was old enough to sit on a chair and see the table top. Mah-Jong is an old family game for me. My Great Grandmother learned the game on a tour to Italy around 1920. Being a popular political couple, my Great Grandparents returned to the Chicago area and taught their friends including Frank Lloyd Wright the famous Architect.
Yes, I'm in Southwest Missouri. My town is Springfield Mo. It was my Chicago family who first propped me up on Chicago phone books to learn the game.
As for boxes, I would like to find a beautiful reproduction of an ivory inlaid abalone inlaid box like older members of my family have. I'm lucky enough to have remarkably beautiful boards inlaid with semi precious gems and abalone sea shell. My tiles are old bone on bamboo from the late 1920's. But, my box is in tatters! I'm looking for a box with the same type of period style as other items in my set.
I've been to China and played with a group of very serious fellow ladies. However, it wasn't until I was aboard a cruise going down the old Yangsee River that I saw what a loud, shouting, rather ugly group of river men playing the gambling version of the game. Those men had knives and I suspect they were not for cleaning fish. I understand China and it's desire to control those types of games. We are blessed to self control in the U.S.A.
I enjoy your newsletters very much. (2015)

ileane[ or Naperville day or evening][Chicago 60647 Would like to find a beginner group or take lessons in Chicago. Only have very basic knowledge. There are 2 of us] |||[Maryville][Skokie 60076 weekdays, seeking group][Northbrook] |||[Niles][Palatine 60067 seeking group to join!][Chicago] |||[Sterling][Shaumburg] |||[Vernon Hills][Oak Brook 60523] |||[Deefield][NW Chicago, new] |||[Chicago][Oaklawn 60453] |||[Princeton 61356][Crest Hill] |||[Chicago][Chicago, Deerfield, Northbrook Highland Park][Peoria] |||[Niles][Lisle 60532] |||[Naperville][learning/lessons wanted St. Charles 60174] |||[downtown Chicago, groups or lessons ][Arlington Height] |||[Glenview][Northbrook 60062] |||[streamwood][Northbrook 60062] |||[Highland Park][Port Byron 61275] |||[Jacksonville 62650][My name is Lydia. I play Mah Jongg in Southern Illinois with a group of about 15 active players. A Mah Jongg director from New York was nice enough to do a tournament for us right here in Centralia, Illinois, in October, 2013. She also has two or three in Florida every Spring. She wants to do a tournament in St. Louis, MO, area and asked me to try to find the venue of the last tournament in St. Louis. Was it in the 1980's? Do you know where the last St. Louis tournament was held? ]

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