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Little Rhody, Ocean State; "Hope"; Red Maple; "Rhode Island"


MAHJONG (one "G") is for American/Jewish(w/Jokers) Play-Styles. (152 to 160 Mahjong tiles required, with English Numerations & Jokers)
MAHJONGG (two "G"s) is for Traditional/Chinese/International Play-Styles. (136 to 144 Mahjongg tiles required, NO Jokers, w/ or w/o English Numerations)

American/Jewish(w/Jokers) Jong Players {Violets}

Special Notes (2020)
*** Special Mahjongg Activities!! ***

Hi, I'm in Narrragansett RI Sondra Is there a group there? Sent from my iPhone

Try to get USA Mahjongg Club (usa magic) 2020 online Mahjong/Mahjongg standard scorecard and hands to learn and win!

Special Notes (2019)
*** Special Mahjong Activities!! *** In Portsmouth for summer. I have been playing for a yr . Would love to play. Pat Andrus Sent from my iPhone.

Try to get USA Mahjongg Club (usa magic) 2019 online Mahjong/Mahjongg standard scorecard and hands to learn and win!

Special Notes (2018)
*** Special Mahjong Activities!! *** Narragansett 02882 beginner : Are there any groups on RI THAT TEACH AND/OR PLAY - willinging to help others learn and play? Any beginner classes being offered this summer of 2018? I live in Pawtucket/Providence area. RI

Hello! I'm planning to move to RI in July and am looking for groups to play Mahjong. I already know how to play and can help others to learn. 04/09/2018 16:41

Anyone interested in playing in the Tiverton RI area we would love to have you join us. We play on Tuesday. Contact

Try to get USA Mahjongg Club (usa magic) 2018 online Mahjong/Mahjongg standard scorecard and hands to learn and win! I am interested in finding Mahjong games in Southern Rhode Island. I winter in Florida, but spend 4-5 months in RI (South Kingstown) and I'd be grateful for any ideas. I enjoy serious play and am also willing to work with novice players in a group. Francine G. (snowbird)

2018[I am interested in learning to play Mah Jongg, and am looking for a group in the Fall River/Westport/Tiverton (RI) area. Best, Emelda.]
2017[I am seeking a game group in or near East Providence....are there any that will accept beginners??][ Mahjong club Hi - I'm interested in joining a group to learn to play mahjong. I came across the website with your email listed, please let me know if this is a possibility. RI, 02809.][Rhode Island 02911. Mahjong for beginners Hi there....I live in north providence and would love to learn this game. Are there any groups that will allow beginners to play and learn with them? ][Hi, I play Mahjong on line and would like to join a group. I live in Greenville, RI and would be interested a group on this area. My email address is:][Subject: Looking to play near Portsmouth, RI. Hi, Left a weekly group in Maine when we moved and I miss playing! Advanced beginner to moderate player, maybe a solid moderate player. Evening or weekend play as I still work full time. Thank you, Janet Stitt][...does anyone know of a group that I could join in Rhode Island??][I have been playing Mah Jong for three summers. I would consider myself an advanced beginner---if there is such a thing. I would like to keep up my skills through the winter. Is there a group that would consider my joining them? Probably to observe only initially.][Rhode Island 02910 I'm interested in playing with your group,. Are you taking new players?][I am very new to the game and am looking for a group to play with that is interested in play with a beginner. Greenville 02828] or[Our group plays in Tiverton RI, very close to the Fall River MA line and right off of Rt. 24. Some of our regular players are "snowbirds" but we still have 3 or 4 tables playing each Tuesday afternoon and are always looking for new players to join our group. We will be offering a class that will meet for 4 weeks starting on Tuesday January 24th 2012. The class is free and we welcome new players of all ages][I just moved into the area, and would love to play before I return to Florida for winter. I am a beginner ish! Thanks. Rhode Island right near the MA border with 02914.][I too would like to find a group for the summer/fall. I have learned to play in Venice, Fl and will be returning to North Kingstown the beginning of May 2009. I would consider myself an intermediate player.][I am looking for a MJ group here in RI. Have played for several years during Florida winters and would enjoy continuing throughout the summer/fall. I am in Warwick although that is not a criteria][Narragansett] |||[Providence] |||

Traditional/Chinese/International Jongg Players {Rhode Island Reds} |||

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