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MAHJONG (one "G") is for American/Jewish(w/Jokers) Play-Styles. (152 to 160 Mahjong tiles required, with English Numerations & Jokers)
MAHJONGG (two "G"s) is for Traditional/Chinese/International Play-Styles. (136 to 144 Mahjongg tiles required, NO Jokers, w/ or w/o English Numerations)

American/Jewish(w/Jokers) Jong Players {Red Clovers}

Special Notes (2020)
*** Special Mahjongg Activities!! ***

new to area - looking for mahjong players: Barbara
Hi - I'm new to South Burlington and would like to find some friendly mahjong players. I've only been playing a year or so but love the game.
Please reach out if you'd like to start a group or just need a sub. Thank you. 05403

Try to get USA Mahjongg Club (usa magic) 2020 online Mahjong/Mahjongg standard scorecard and hands to learn and win!

2017/04/01[I will be in Burlington Vermont this weekend and I was wondering if you could recommend any stores that sell mahjongg games/ supplies?][Hi, I was wondering if there were any mahjong players in the Weston, VT area. I am an alert timer up here and would love an occasional game when I am here.][I recently moved to the Burlington area and I'm interested in finding a mah jong group. I played many years ago while my husband was in the military and enjoyed it very much. Is there a Mah Jong group near Burlington? 05495][anyone in the Burlington area would like to play G-Mah Jongg?] |||[Winooski 05404][Looking for mah jong players in the Burlington, VT area. Sharon]

Traditional/Chinese/International Jongg Players {Hermit Thrushes}[Game : Good day I have a mah-jongg set left to me by my aunt do you know anyone who could help me understand more about the game and about the pieces that I have it's all in Japanese I'm told thank you. Thetford 05045][My father is moving from China, and he is looking for Mahjongg players in the Burlington area. Please contact me if interested so I can get you in touch with him. Thank you!][Winooski 05404]


Special Notes (March 27, 2013).
Dear Sirs:
I am emailing from a London-based independent television production company called Wag TV. We produce a series for the Discovery Channel called How Do They Do It?, which looks at the manufacture of some of the world's most amazing products. We are currently producing our 10th series.
One of the stories we are filming is on the manufacture of Mahjong sets. We have a crew out in China at the moment filming this, but we would like to include a few shots of Mahjong being played elsewhere in the world as well. As it happens we have a crew due to film in the USA (around Boston and then up into Maine) in about two weeks' time, and I was wondering if you might be able to recommend any local Mahjong tournaments, clubs or societies in the region who might be willing to play a game on camera.
Below is a little more information about the show:
How Do They Do It? is one of the world's most popular technology magazine shows and is broadcast across the world to over 1.25 billion Discovery Channel subscribers. In previous series we have filmed stories about how NASA train astronauts, how 'time' is measured, how nuclear power works, how sea sponges are collected, how Bentleys are made, and how money is printed. We have also filmed everything from piano production with Steinway to silver mining in Mexico. More information about How Do They Do It? can be found here:
Thank you for your time and I hope this is of interest. If you would like any more information please do not hesitate to contact me.
Many thanks,
Hello, I have friend that forwarded to me the information about the DISCOVERY CHANNEL documentary on Mah Jong. I happen to have a long history with this game.
As a child, growing up in Utica NY, my mother was the only dealer in the city that sold both the Mah Jong cards, which came out once a year, along with Mah Jong sets through the National Mah Jong League out of NYC. I have fond memories of women lined up at both the front and back doors to our home waiting in line to pick up and pay for their card. My Mom also attended several tournaments in the Catskills. This is going back to the mid 1950s.
As a child, I was allowed to watch the game, but never to play as it was an adults game! So, while I grew up with it, being exposed to the passion of women who played it, I never learned the game myself until about 10 years ago. From the moment I started to play, I felt the strong attraction not only to the game, but to the sisterhood that develops between those that play this very addicting game.
I blossomed into a collector of vintage sets and well as a person that sells them to others (when I can find it in my heart to part with them). Each set is like an orphan that you welcome into your home and your heart. I write to you from Florida, where I have been since January and heading back to Vermont, my home, in a week. Through the miracles of Facebook, I was able to locate women in this area that welcomed me into their groups, yes I say groups because there are three of them here that brought me into their lives, and made my stay here a pleasure.
At one time or another I have had up to 35 or more sets in my possession...almost all of them vintage, but each with a special characteristic that makes them unique. I would love to offer for you to have my sets as part of the documentary along with myself and my friends to play for you. It would be a way of reaching out to the family of Mah Jong players. With all this being said, I would love to be part of the presentation on April 11th!
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Sincerely, Jan. March 30th, 2013.

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