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" The Official Cyber WORLD MAHJONGG CLUB For The New Millennium "



WORLDMJC world-magic is free for all Mahjong/Mahjongg fans, international or american play-style; Come, Visit, Join the CLUB! Make Friends, Play Games! WORLDMJC world-magic is free!


Guidelines for Club Manners & Behaviors : Click : And Send eM@IL To Join!
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The WORLDMJC is a non-exclusive Club, all are welcome! For privacy and security considerations eMail address is the official communication vehicle. At least in the beginning eMail contacts are used for chat, discussion, local-player-finding and grouping. No personal information such as telephone, fax, name, street address, etc. is allowed inside this Cyber Club. The Club is not responsible for outside-of-Club members' activities.

We encourage players to try different forms of Mahjongg games/play-styles: Mahjong or Mahjongg, two major categories, each with many branches in the world. After all the basic 136 tiles are always "the Core". Please keep an open mind, try something a little different and new. There is no need to follow a 'cult' or a rigid form. Remember, it's Cyber Age in a new millennium, let's enjoy the Internet SuperHighway Online-Surfing. The WORLDMJC is FREE!


WORLDMJC : World-Magic Conference Hall


* CHINA: Hong Kong
* CHINA: Taiwan

* Mahjongg Birthplace Display-Memorial (Ninpo China);
2001/06/17 : A Display-Memorial held its open-ceremony in Ninpo China, arguably the birthplace of modern tile-Mahjongg. It occupies portion of one of the oldest museums in Eastern Asia (Chen Family Temple, 16th century) with Mahjongg collections and larger-than-life Mahjongg walls and Mahjongg roads in the court yard. (Huge Court Sculpture: original Mahjongg tile-face designer Chen Yu-meng playing game with a Westerner and a Japanese...Is it for real or symbolic? You may want to sit down as the 4th player and take a group photo?)

The Wall & The Walkway

* Japanese Mahjongg Museum!
1999/04/10 Chiba Japan : A first-in-the-world real-life Mahjongg Museum opened its door to the public, with international Mahjongg collctions including over 3,000 sets, 1,500 related items and over 10,000 books; for details please visit our 'USAMJC Floor A' : "Mahjong Shop" (Mahjong Showcase)!

* World Majiang Organisation (WMO) Championships
* First World Majiang Championships 2007/11/2-5 Chengdo/Mt. Emei China [Original Plan: 36 groups/144 players: China(36), Japan(36), Europe(53), US&others(19)]. Individual Winners: China(1,2,4,5,6,8,9), Japan(3,7), Netherlands(10). Group Winners: China(1,2,3,6,7,8,10), Japan(4,5,9).
* Second World Majiang Championships (2010/8/27-29 Utrecht/Dutch/Europe)

solid silver mahjongg tiles

green jade mahjongg tiles

crystal mahjongg tiles


* 2002 World Mahjongg Championship (WMC Tokyo Japan);
2002/10/23-26 : Japanese Bamboo-Den Publishing (sponsor of Japanese Mahjongg Museum) arranged to have this international event held in Ninpo China first; with the next round in Japan as part of the plan. A few weeks before the Championship and after invitations-posters-rulebooks-applications-replies all in place, China abandoned the hostship, the Championship moved to Tokyo Japan in a hurry. There were 25 teams (100 participants, including 44 Japanese and 28 Chinese; each team had four players); Japanese teams won the 1st, 3rd, 5th; Chinese teams won the 2nd and 4th; USA (12 players) Red ranked 8th, White 14th and Blue 21st; Euro team was last. Individually Japanese players won 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 9th; Chinese 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th; a Japanese American took 2nd place. (Chinese official Mahjongg Sports Rules & Hands)

* First European Championship (Nimwegen, the Netherlands)
2005/06/24-26 : Chinese official Mahjongg Sports Rules & Hands.
There were 10 groups (108 participants, including 43 from host country the Netherlands); Japanese individuals won the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 9th; Chinese won the 7th and 8th; Danes the 5th and 10th; Italian the 6th. As a group Japan (11 players) won the first place, China (3 players) second, Denmark (12 players) third, Italy (12 players) fourth; the Netherlands was ranked nineth and Germany (10 players) last.
* Second European Championship (Copenhagen Demark 2007)
* Third European Championship (Austria 2009/07/02)

* World Series of Mahjong (WSoM)
Asia & Australia based competitions using 136 tiles (no flowers); starting around 2007.

* Sorry, we stop further Europe & European local tourmaments reports; and we don't record local tournaments in the USA, Japan, WSoM, etc.

solid rhino horn mahjongg tiles

agate mahjongg tiles

November, 2015 Japanese Mahjongg Museum and all envolved parties have executed an agreement that its huge collection of mahjongg sets will be returned to China and stored and displayed properly in the City of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. It may take a very long time and careful monitoring to secure honest operation between two countries.

July, 2013 Japanese Museum Returns Mahjongg Sets To China
The world's largest mahjong museum near Tokyo has decided to return to China a huge collection of mahjongg sets, including one used by the last Chinese emperor, Puyi, the World Mahjong Organisation (WMO) said online.
The cultural relics will be transferred to Beijing, where the organisation is headquartered, from the museum in Japan's Chiba prefecture. Besides Puyi's set, which China considers a national treasure, the batch also includes mahjongg pieces made of jade, silver or bone, as well as those that once belonged to famous historical figures such as the late Peking opera star Mei Lanfang (梅蘭芳) and famed 20th century ink painter Zhang Daqian (張大千).
"They are all of very high cultural value, and it is difficult to say which piece is worth more money," WMO said. "We're still considering how to deal with them."
The return of the mahjong items was an unfulfilled wish of the late former board chairman of a publishing company (竹書房) that owns the museum. As the museum's entire collection will be transferred to Beijing, the WMO will establish an institution in the museum's place to promote mahjongg, according to an agreement reached between the museum and the WMO.
The decision by Chiba's mahjong museum - the biggest and oldest of its kind in the world - will strengthen co-operation between the two countries in the study and heritage of the mahjongg culture, the WMO said.
"This decision will also help boost the mahjongg culture in a healthy and scientific way," it said. "It is an important push for cross-cultural communications, as well as for the sustainable development of competitive intelligence-oriented activities, expos, leisure tourism and mahjongg equipment."
It was also reported that the museum previously intended to hold an auction in Beijing, with an opening bid of about 20 million USD for more than 30,000 items, but the auction was cancelled for unknown reasons.
Established in 2005, the WMO is a non-profit organization dedicated to training and competition involving the Chinese game. It was set up by mahjong organizations in China, Japan, the US, Germany, France, Denmark, the Netherlands and Hungary.

人已去 樓將空 政未息 ?

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LOUIS VUITTON 2020s The French luxury brand took on the Chinese classic game in 1950s; by 21st Century, more amazing FASHION/STYLE editions.

With only a few sets available across the globe, Louis Vuitton’s limited new edition Mahjongg set is again one for the history books. It features stunning jade playing pieces sheathed in a signature monogrammed leather trunk. US$82,000. circa 2020.

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